Although PTI’s personnel are experts on a myriad of communications technologies, we do far more that install wiring and flip switches. We also provide ground-up assistance for projects as small as an internal Wi-Fi network to as large as a installation of 100 miles of fiber optic cable for a long haul carrier.

We can orchestrate projects from start to finish; from engineering design and site selection to final testing and commissioning. Moreover, our deep expertise in multiple wired and wireless technologies enables us to provide full systems integration for even the most complex, multiple-protocol projects.

Our infrastructure-related capabilities (provided by Team Peachtree) include:

  • Building architecture and civil works
  • A&E design
  • Construction management and construction
  • Land surveying and mapping
  • Environmental assessments, management and compliance
  • Real estate and zoning
  • Geospatial products and services
  • Site survey and inspections
  • Site conditioning
  • Installation and deployment
  • Testing / commissioning
  • Systems engineering services


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