Georgia DOT, Walker/Whitfield

Supplied traffic signal equipment for upgrades and Intersection Video Detection System.

US DOT WIMAX – Detroit

Subcontracted to Booz Allen Hamilton to design, engineer, install and maintain a wireless network in support of Department of Transportation Research and Development Mobility project to monitor traffic flows, determine alternative routing for traffic, traffic control and signaling and construction scheduling. The scope was to engineer, install, and maintain a wireless network providing 1.5MB of symmetrical IP service to intersection transmitters. Project objectives included: survey remote sensor locations for line of sight and connectivity; install wireless network and perform system operation/verification and testing; complete system design/build documentation.

New Mexico Department of Transportation

Resolved frequency interference issue between Rail Runner mass transit WiMAX network and a commercial wireless carrier. PTI moderated and developed a mutually agreeable plan and also made network enhancement recommendations that improved performance and reduced maintenance costs. (PTI also has a four-year contract to run the Rail Runner system over its WiMAX spectrum.)

Texas Toll Authority, Dallas, Texas

Supply complete turnkey of all products required for build out.

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